There’s nothing like grabbing your backpack, hopping on your bike and cycling into the unknown.
However, there’s an infinite number of things that can go wrong; accidents happen, tires brake and bikes malfunction. That’s why we’ve made a simple list of easy-to-carry essentials that every cycler should carry before heading off on a longer trek:

1. Saddle bag

A saddle bag is an absolute must have for any cycler. It’s placed on the most convenient place on your bike and it can fit just about anything you want to carry with you on your trip, aside from the flat repair kit. This is the first thing you should put onto your bike before leaving the house.

2. Rain gear

While the logical thing to do is to check the weather before heading out, it seems like an off-chance for rain is in direct relation to the Murphy’s law, which means it’s definitely gonna rain if you’re not prepared for it. Carrying some rain gear, at least a plastic raincoat to keep you dry is a pretty good idea. It can easily fit into a saddle bag, so kudos to the saddle bag.

3. U-Lock

Imagine getting your bike stolen in the middle of a trip, along with your precious saddle bag and everything in it. It’s the most common unnatural disaster to strike when you’re not ready for it and a definitive trip breaker. If your bike is safely locked, it’s not going anywhere. Quality steel U-Locks are much better than regular chains and they price from 15$ to 20$ which makes them a pretty affordable cycling essential. Also, it’s a smart idea not to keep your valuables in your saddle bag if you’re not next to your bike.

4. A flat repair kit

WHENEVER leaving for a longer route always carry a flat repair kit. Since an infinite amount of things can go wrong, having a flat repair kit is a smart call. It’s not just about carrying the kit around, get familiar with it. Learning how to fix a flat tire while cycling is the equivalent of learning how to Google while using the computer. The only downside of a flat repair kit is that it can’t quite fit anywhere that isn’t a backpack, but it doesn’t occupy much space and it isn’t heavy. If you’re unclear about how to use your kit, make sure you check out this video below:

5. Multi-tool

A multi-tool is one of those amazingly handy things that fit just about anywhere and are always great to have. It’s useful even if you’re not in a tight situation, like adjusting your seat or tightening your friend’s bike. You can get a decent bike multi-tool for as much as 10$ on ebay, which also makes them pretty affordable.

6. A mini First Aid kit

Not having a mini First Aid on a longer trek isn’t really something you want to take you chances with. Having a desinfection spray and a bandage to cover a scraped knee can help a lot, especially when you’re cycling in the middle of nowhere and you need to tend your wound. There’s also the amazing First aid for cyclers app which you should download on your smartphone. The app will guide you on any injury that might occur, so there’s no reason to worry.

Since heading off for a long trek often means things going south, sticking to this simple-to-carry list means being prepared for any troubles that lay ahead. These to-go essentials are affordable and easy to use and carrying these means ensuring a safe, enjoyable ride with just you, your bike and the miles ahead.