This cruise is promise of discovering some of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean on the seat of your bike. It’s the most special way to experience Croatia and create a truly unique holiday this year.


Island of Pag

Overall, the island Pag features over 70 miles (115 km) of unique cycling tracks, making it an absolute MUST for any cycler to visit. There are 14 arranged tracks in total, each one offering a topping cycling experience.

Pag is hailed as a Mediterranean cycling heaven because of its spectacular routes that span throughout the island, waiting to be experienced. The landmark Vineyard route is a 2 mile (4.4 km) track that takes cyclers through some of the most spectacular vineyards on the Croatian coast and leads to several wine cellars where you can try some amazing vines before gearing up to conquer the rest of Pag’s tracks.

What’s amazing about Pag as a cycling destination is that it showcases various types of terrain that vary a lot in track difficulty, making it interesting and fun for serious and moderate bikers alike. Discover Pag’s quarries, vineyards, spectacular cliffs and remote beaches on the back of your bike.

Island of Cres

Cres is Croatia’s largest island and has well over 10 different cycling routes that span over 100 miles of Cres’ unique nature. Other than the town Cres and a couple of villages, the island remains untapped and wild, making it a perfect location for any cycling holiday.

The two landmark sites for cyclers are undoubtedly the Vransko Lake and the Beli griffon resort. The Beli track is an uphill ride towards the old stone Beli village and the griffon resort. The Beli griffon vulture is a magnificent Old World bird that resides only in Beli and has successfully been kept from extinction. If you keep your eye on the horizon, you might see a griffon flying over it.

The Vransko Lake is a 35 mile (57 km) cycling track that leads to a beautiful lake located at the center of Cres’ mountains. The track also passes through the Lubenice village, a site famous for its blue underwater cave that lies directly under the village. This track isn’t too difficult, but it does require a lot of stamina due to its length.


Island of Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is an island ideal for cyclers that prefer remote tracks, rugged landscape and less challenging routes. It has over 30 miles of mountain and beach side tracks, leading to various places you should discover.

Some of the landmark tracks include the Lighthouse track, a moderate cycling route that leads to the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic sea, while passing through a number of old stone Mediterranean villages. From the top of the Dugi Otok hill, you experience one of the most amazing views of the Adriatic coastline, overlooking the magnificent Kornati islands.

Other than the Lighthouse track, the Sakarun beach trail is reminiscent for its emerald green and crystal clear waters, as well as the stunning view of the open Adriatic sea. There are also a couple of outdoor cafes along the way, in case you need to take a break. Overall, this cycling route isn’t too extreme, so moderate cyclers should enjoy it a lot and have no trouble conquering it.

Island of Lošinj

Lošinj is an island synonymous for beautiful pine forest cycling tracks, rich historical heritage and a vast variety of nature you should experience.

It fact, Lošinj is one of the most popular recent cycling locations in Croatia, and a host to the 4islands stage race in the Kvarner archipelago. The 4islands race spans across Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab, drawing almost 200 competitors last year and putting Lošinj on the cycling map of Europe. It’s the most popular cycling event in Croatia, next to the massive Adria Bike Marathon in Plitvice.

What’s remarkable about Lošinj cycling, is that it offers all aspects of Mediterranean cycling, combining mountain, forest and beach cycling into a wholly experience that’s bound to impress every cycler looking for a perfect holiday this summer.


The island of Krk

Krk offers some of the best biking experiences a cycler can hope for. The whole island is cycle-friendly and is a perfect match for every enthusiast. It’s Croatia’s second largest island with over 40 miles of marked bike treks for you to cover while cycling through Mediterranean olive groves and vineyards, as well as the stunning coastline.

You’ll be visiting Krk’s premier cycling locations – Malinska, Vrbnik and Krk town – all of which are offering different and unique experiences.

There’s also over 150 miles of marked walking trails that you’re perfectly free to check out with your bike. With infinite number of places to discover, Krk is the final last checkpoint of our voyage and a perfect way to summarize your Bike and Boat cruise.

Island of Rab

Rab is an island located at the northern coast of the Adriatic. It’s the ideal place for all outdoor enthusiasts, mainly hikers and cycles. This picturesque island has over 90 miles of various cycling treks leading through different sites.

Rab’s landmark cycling trek is called the Premužić trail, which has been hailed as the most beautiful cycling route on Rab. This trek spanns through the Dundo forest which has been placed under the botanical reserve label, guaranteeing protection from the Department of Natural Heritage.

Other notable treks include the St. Damian fortress, as well as the Kamenjak trek – which is a trek that ends up at the highest point of the island, leading you to a spectacular horizon. Rab is the ideal place for the first pedal stroke of our journey.


The island of Molat

What’s special about Molat is that it’s absolutely green and far removed from massive tourism in Croatia. Nature dictates the quiet pace of the island, which definitively earned its spot on our map due to the beautiful pine forests and numerous hidden coves.

Molat has been called the Flower island because it’s home to hundreds of different plants. With less than 200 inhabitants and practically no cars, Molat is a place where time is standing still. This cycling trek should supercharge your contact with nature and is a wonderful addition to our bike and boat cruise.

Overall, Molat is an exclusive experience where you get to enjoy some of the most beautiful and relaxing cycling, without the setbacks of massive tourism.


Discover the ins and outs of Croatia’s most exclusive island bicycle paths and treat yourself to a topping cycling experience this summer. Book your stay at this Bike and Boat cruise today.

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