General Business Terms of the Bike&Boat Adriatic

ART. 1. is a website with information about ship, cruise and routes offering cycling treks across the costs and the inlands, exploring few different islands in 7 days with the possibility of the online booking of weekly guaranteed small ships cruises and land tours through Bike&Boat-Adriatic Booking.

It provides information on accommodation opportunities and other related tourist services for which the company is registered. The website is owned and represents the services provided by the company Bike&Boat Adriatic j.d.o.o., tax ID number – OIB : 41957236593

Official records confirm Bike&Boat Adriatic j.d.o.o. as a valid business.

General company information

ART. 2.

Full name: BIKE&BOAT ADRIATIC j.d.o.o.
Brnini 23, 51215 Kastav, Croatia
Company’s phone number is +385 91 524 6077
Company’s email is
Data collection and personal information use statement.

Data collection and personal information use statement.

ART. 3.

[] is committed to keeping its customer’s personal info safe, by gathering only the essential customer info that is necessary for us to fulfill our commitments towards our customers; we’re also making our best efforts to inform our customers of how their data is being used. On a regular basis, our customers are presented with a choice regarding the use of their personal data for marketing purposes, as well as whether or not they want to be removed from any lists for further marketing campaigns (such as newsletters, or other forms of email marketing).

All user data is strictly kept safe and is available only to employees whose position requires the use of personal data. All employees and business partners are obliged to follow the terms of privacy protection.

Bike&aBoat-Adriatic is at disposal for any questions and information regarding the cruises, land tours, routes cycling treks, excursions, transfers and other tourist services prior to and after the reservation being made, prior to departure and during the tours and cruise. Contact numbers are listed online.

ART. 4.

Bike&Boat-Adriatic price list is valid throughout the year, i.e. season; except in case of special offers – such as first or last minute bookings that depend on departure date, availability etc.

ART. 5.

Bike&Boat-Adriatic provides services according to the laws of the Republic of Croatia following the Customer protection laws. The general terms of business are accepted by purchasing through this site.

Terms of Booking and Payment

ART. 6.

Offered services are presented on with detailed descriptions and photographs as well as some customer feedback. Bike&Boat-Adriatic offers cruises, land tours, cycling treks across the costs and the inlands and related excursions.

Under cruise program there are tabs with all program details including available dates and prices to be booked online.
Additional information may be requested via email regarding any tourist services for which the company is registered.

Bike&Boat-Adriatic will provide additional information and possible organization if needed wherever possible. However, Bike&Boat-Adriatic does not provide organized flights from your arrival points and to departure points and back not as part of the programs when the requested service is not clearly stated in the service descriptions.
Customers are provided with invoices that include VAT according to the Croatian law.

Bike&Boat-Adriatic provides booking via e-mail.


Bike&Boat-Adriatic provides with two booking methods when purchasing selected program or programs, purchase by booking online or book via email.

Book via email-reservation


Reserve you cruise by booking via email. Select a desired date of departure and tour/cruise in an email form. Bike&Boat-Adriatic will check availability and send an email confirmation with reservation ID.
Upon reservation confirmation from Bike&Boat-Adriatic by email, customers will receive a deposit payment request of 150€ per person. The remaining balance, full amount from which the deposited amount is deducted, is to be paid upon the date stated in the calculation/proforma invoice.

Book via email – reservation details: 150€ per person, depending on the departure date payable upon confirmed reservation, the remaining balance must be paid 30 days before the departure date.

Handling fee

ART. 9.

Service charge will be charged for any other services booked without cruise reservation (transfers, tours, trains, etc.).

Confirmation and payment receipt

ART. 10.

Upon execution of advance payment, a confirmation of payment and detailed information on your reservation voucher will be forwarded, invoice and/or calculation stating the amount which is to be paid prior to departure.

Children under the age of 14 pay 25% less of the total amount.

Upon payment of total amount or balance you will receive the Bill specifying all payments made and Voucher containing the following: Name, address, and telephone number of service provider (legal or natural persons); joining instructions, ship rules, optional supplements.

Change in the Booking, Cancellation, Refund Policy and Complaints

ART. 11.

Bike&Boat-Adriatic weekly ship departures are guaranteed.
Bike&Boat-Adriatic reserves the right to cancel the departure in case of less than 4 participants.
In case of cancellations by Bike&Boat-Adriatic will be refunded.
Vis major cases Bike&Boat-Adriatic will provide suitable accommodation on land or sea.
If a tour is subject to a minimum number of participants as outlined in the travel arrangements and that minimum number is not met, Bike&Boat-Adriatic may have to cancel the tour 4 weeks prior to the commencement.

Customer reservation change

ART. 12.

It is possible to make some changes to the booking after payment in full or deposit payment but such changes will be extra charged.
Name / Date change – 20 eur per person (valid only if the change is made up to 30 days prior to departure, otherwise regular cancellation clause will be applied).

Cancellation and refund policy

ART. 13.

In case of cancellations, the following cancellation conditions will be applied:
Deposit payments (150€) are not refundable
Full payments are partially refundable – if cancellation is made at least a month prior to the scheduled departure date you will receive 50% refund.
Full payments are partially refundable depending on the date of cancellation and are subject to Bike&Boat-Adriatic cancellation conditions:
31 days – 50% of the remaining balance will be refunded
30-15 days – 30% of the remaining balance will be refunded
14-0 days – no refunds
Above cancellation periods are valid unless otherwise mentioned in the offer.
In case of injury on board the insurance is provided.
In case of injury that take place off the ship Bike&Boat – Adriatic does not provide insurance. Luggage insurance is not provided.


ART. 14.

Any complaints regarding service on board have to be given directly to the ship on the spot, and through the official representative of Bike&Boat-Adriatic. Complaints have to be certified by the ship, written in ships complaints book and sent to Bike&Boat-Adriatic within 15 days from the customer’s departure. On the contrary, such complaints will not be taken in consideration.

Special note for cruise

ART. 15.

The Captain reserves the right to change the route in case of bad weather conditions.
Guests have to follow ships rules (found in written form on the ships) esp. with regards to bringing drinks on board and in case of inappropriate behavior Bike&Boat-Adriatic/captain reserves the right in asking clients to disembark
Departures are guaranteed. Bike&Boat-Adriatic reserves the right in cancelling departures with less than 4 participants.
Bike&Boat-Adriatic will not be held responsible for any accidents that may occur onboard and insist that clients are informed of this and the need for extra observation and caution whilst being onboard or walking between ships and mainland.
Due to specific mooring conditions and requirements in some Croatian ports, Bike&Boate-Adriatic ship is moored side by side, making it necessary for the clients to cross from one ship to another with gaps in between ships in order to get to the shore. In such cases clients need to take special care when crossing and do this at their own risk. Crew assistance will be given to those needing and requesting it.

Ship rules

ART. 16.

Passengers on board are obliged to abide to the ship rules, as captain is responsible for the safety of all passengers and the crew. Captain has the right to change the itinerary in case of bad weather or similar inappropriate conditions in ports to ensure safety on board.
Passports are to be handed to the captain for registration on the first day of the cruise.

Jumping or diving from the boat during navigation is strictly forbidden. For safety reasons climbing on the masts is also forbidden.
During rough weather movement should be done with care and as little as possible. The floors can often be wet and slippery. Passengers should take extra care crossing between the boats when they are docked together in port. Do not hesitate to ask a crew member for assistance when crossing. Movement between the ships is at the individual’s responsibility.
Safety jackets are placed under the seats in the dining area or below the bunks in the cabins.
As the ships are explicitly acoustic passengers are asked to behave accordingly. Special attention must be given to night peace onboard, which officially is at midnight. In National Parks even earlier night peace is required and guests will be notified of this.

Clients are responsible for looking after their personal belongings whilst travelling. The Operator cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings left behind or damaged on any trip regardless of the circumstances
Smoking in the restaurant area and in the cabins is not allowed and when smoking on the designated area passengers must not throw cigarette butts in the sea.
Bed linen must not be taken out of the cabins.

Passengers are not permitted to bring drinks and food on board. This includes all drinks and food products purchased on shore in ports of call. The only exceptions are: personal care products, liquid medicine, food products specifically for infants and food products for special diets. Typical regional products purchased during visits to the ports will be stored on board to be returned to passengers at the end of the cruise.
Please take special attention not to throw anything into toilets except toilette paper.

Guests are obliged to respect meal times on board, which are placed on the board in the salon, as well as departure times to next port.
Any damage must be compensated to the captain by the passenger.
It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish into the sea.
Water is scarce on every boat, therefore please be very rational with it. The same applies to the electricity which runs on the generator.
Guests must close portholes in cabins under deck during navigation (if applicable), to avoid their cabins getting wet by the sea water entering cabin through the porthole.

The captain and the crew will be available for any questions or queries and will do their best to make your stay on board a most pleasurable one. If captain and his crew are not providing satisfactory service, please contact our office for further help, as our aim is to make you satisfied during your stay onboard.

Tips are not included.